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A Royal Hypnobirth

royal babyPosted by dani Wed, July 24, 2013 18:59:50
The Royal baby prince George is finally here! The media hype has been intense and it has left many of us wondering if all the hype and media speculation was worth it........

Kate is rumoured to have done Hypnobirthing a method which is wonderful for relaxing calm births, I see the evidence of this everyday with the mums who attend my course and tell of their fabulous birthing journeys and of course my own experience with Hypnobirthing. I for one hope that Kate had a marvellous birth experience and one that she will look back on positively, but the question remains did we really need to be bombarded with images from outside the hospital twenty four hours a day? was this an intrusion of the royal couples privacy?
I think there are numerous elements to the answer. Kate and Wills will most certainly have been prepared for and unsurprised by the level of media attention (I think they may have had a hint after the level of interest in their wedding). I also think (and I am speculating here) that they probably didn't care less about the media, in my experience new parents minds are focused on one thing only and that is their fabulous new baby!

Perhaps the level of media attention was still too high, and for me I felt some of the excitement was lost as reporters camped outside the hospital to tell us that nothing had yet happened...... It was for me watering the event down by pure saturation. I felt the royal birth would have been better covered by fewer reports which had rather more to say!

The real joy of the event for me was not only a new prince, but that perhaps the royal birth and all this media hype has opened the eyes of many women to a new and calmer way to birth. I suspect Kate's alleged ties to Hypnobirthing have already increased interest in classes and I think that can only be a truly wonderful thing by allowing more women to learn about fantastic birth techniques and more importantly feel positive about giving birth rather than frightened!

In my final rambling thought on the subject I asked myself about the true importance of one birth on the 22nd of July 2013 (I mean obviously this particular baby will be our future king) but was this particular birth more important than the hundreds of other births also celebrated on this day?..... and my answer is .... not in particular, all the babies born on that day and every other day of the year are just as important, just as significant and just as deserving of celebration.

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